Ttai Morra was born in Santos (Brazil) on February 23rd 1980 from a Brazilian mother and an Italian father (both of them now Zen Buddhist monks).
Raised between Brazil and Italy in an artistically fruitful and peculiar environment, very soon she learns the magic of Dance close to her mother - a dancer and actress - and the love for plastic arts from her father, painter and sundials maker.
The creative and spiritual atmosphere in which she grows favours her sensitivity, predisposition and determination to choose Art as a way of life with the full support of her family.
From childhood her true passion is singing, discipline that her father feeds throughout the years.
In 1994, in Italy, she begins studying piano and vocal technique as a self-taught. In 1998 she sings in the gospel choir "Trust in Jesus" directed by the maestro Roberto Beccaria. Thanks to numerous concerts and her studies with Maria Teresa Milano, choir soloist and student of Francesca Oliveri, she concretely develops technical gospel and jazz.
She attends the "Civic Musical Institute V. Baravalle" of Fossano (Italy) and participates to many collective workshops held by some of the most significant names in gospel music and contemporary jazz, as Francesca Oliveri, Nehemian Brown and Jonathan Rathbon (Swingle Singers).
In 2003 she masters singing technique and vocal improvisation in Italy at the “Baravalle" and in England at the "Guildhall School of Music and Drama Of London" with Scott Stroman, professor at the Guildhall, trombonist of Bill Cobhan and choir director.
Besides her studies, she does individual researches embracing different genres of music, especially Brazilian music.
As a soloist she sings with several pop and acid jazz bands.
In 1999 she begins working in a small local company of street artists and jugglers - “Fuma c’anduma” - which brings her to theatre, tango, juggling and clowning too, holding courses for children and adults. This experience is crucial, turning her into an eclectic and curious artist.
That's how her passion for the circus and clowning was born, leading her to become a "Doctor of Happiness" in 2002, a volunteer clown in hospitals in Turin (Italy) with the association "Vip Clown".
In 2003 she begins working with the Compagnia Finzi Pasca in Lugano (Switzerland), in particular for the show "Tres Tristes Tangos", performing in Switzerland, Italy and Uruguay.
In 2004-2005, again with the Compagnia Finzi Pasca, she participates to the Cirque du Soleil’s creation "Corteo" in Montreal (Canada).
In 2004 she collaborated with Guido Guglielminetti, musician and producer Francesco De Gregori.
In 2005 she moves to Naples where she works with the director and actor Gianfranco Gallo, co-writing the screenplay for the short film he directs "La Gamba Diego", which wins the Audience Award in the competition "Giovinazzo Award 2007" and the First Prize unanimously at the twelfth edition of the "National Prize for Short Film Nickelodeon Social - Spoleto 2007".
In October 2007, the long-term collaboration with the actor Valerio Largo and the dancer Gioia Tarulli brings the three artists to open the Musical School “Musikč" in Soriano nel Cimino (Viterbo), fusion of several arts supported by '' Cultural Association Musikč ", the first of its kind in the province of Viterbo.
In 2012 she moves into the Uk where she still lives, teaching vocal technique as part of the Enrichment Department of the Bellerbys College in Brighton.